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Do any of these thoughts ring a bell?

  • I’m working so hard – I don’t understand why my business is not more profitable. My clients love my products and services but if my company doesn’t get more profitable I’m not going to make it.
  • Sales are up, but there is less cash than ever at the end of the day. This just makes no sense to me --- I don’t understand how this can even happen.
  • I just don’t understand the financial numbers like I know I should. I feel paralyzed when I look at them, don’t know what they mean or how they can help me.

I SO get it.  You dream of making a HUGE difference by sharing the gift of your visions and creation, but right now, you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated, frazzled and uncertain.

The good news is, you’re in EXACTLY the right place!!

It’s not your fault that running the business side of the business feels so overwhelming.  Your focus has been on your gift --- that service or product that you know will make a difference in the world.

Maybe you’re a lawyer who has spent years studying law and now has a private practice.  How much did you learn in school about how to actually set up and run that practice?  Zero.

Maybe you’re a coach or fitness trainer who trained to help individuals improve their lives?  How much did you learn in school about how to actually run your business?  Zilch.

It’s not your fault.  Your focus has been on what you provide to your customers and clients, which is great!  And the reality is that there’s more to running a successful business than just the product or service!

That’s why I created...

Profit Matters Bootcamp: Keep More of What You Make

March 26-27, 2020 | San Diego, CA

A powerful 2 day live event that teaches business leaders like yourself how to find and fix money leaks --- in order to transform your business’ bottom line and increase your business profit and cash flow!

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur and you want (more than anything) to make sure your business is profitable and growing well, without crazy stress and constant worry, you're in the right place.

It’s here...

A proven, powerful program for transforming you into the real CEO of your company, with the skills and confidence to lead and manage ALL aspects of it ---- including the “business stuff” --- the financial and process pieces of the puzzle to help you 10x your profits and decrease the constant stress you’ve been living with about “the numbers”.

Imagine knowing how to:

  • Understand EXACTLY what those pesky confusing financial statements are really saying and why you should care
  • Get a firm grip on managing costs
  • Stop unnecessary money burn
  • Identify and STOP money falling through the cracks
  • Identify and implement new revenue opportunities
  • Determine exactly how much revenue you need to bring in before you actually start making PROFIT
  • Monitor and utilize your available financial information to help you make SMART, EFFECTIVE, WELL INFORMED decisions in your business
  • INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE about your finances
  • Lead your company like a real CEO

Guest Speaker

Jennifer Diepstraten, CEO
High Ticket Sales Success

Jennifer is the CEO of High Ticket Sales Success and teaches successful coaches, experts, and niche-service providers how to get paid top-dollar for their services and close big sales with ease.  She grew her own coaching and consulting business to multiple 6-figures in less than two years, sold over $14 million in sales with her sales conversation system, and coached for one of the largest personal development companies in the world.

Hear What Your Profit Matters Bootcamp Participants Experienced!

"I found a car!"

Tracey Ingle, Esq.
Ingle Law PC

"I've gained so much clarity... "

Armando Villa
Impact Sales Training and Recruiting

Sound too good to be true?

It's not... you really CAN 10x your profit and decrease your stress. No joke.

All you have to do is learn how to use the powerful tools you already have inside yourself.

I’m here to show you how.

So who am I to be doing this?

I’m Anne Dickinson and my mission is to help established service business owners increase their profits, cash flow --- and eliminate money falling through the cracks and left on the table.  It is a transformative process to both company and owner – The owner becomes a better CEO so they can have more money, more time, and more freedom and a strong healthy business.

I love that the work I do makes such a huge impact. Two great examples are:

One of my clients went from losing money on nearly every sale to making money on all of his sales.  How?  By learning what his true costs were and pricing for profit.  During our work together his business more than doubled in size with a healthy profit line and consistent positive cash flow.

My client Molly made 1 simple tweak to their operations that helped them jump their revenue up $1m in their 1st year of working with me!

Molly Brodeur
Chief Operating Officer, Al Brodeurs Auto Body

"Anne has become invaluable in our strategic planning and in the expansion of the business!"

"One of the biggest benefits in working with Anne is that I now have more time to focus on my COO activities and I have more time for marketing and operational issues. Her consulting has helped me get over some hurdles in our journey to improve the financial streamlining in the business, and she has helped me to easily get to the right decision points about investing in the business.

Anne has become a trusted confidant and amazes me with her willingness to ‘get in the weeds’ to understand this industry and my business beyond the balance sheet. She brings a broad perspective and considerable experience along with a compassionate approach to helping us maintain our target profit margin goals.”

I’m surrounded by clients I love working with and have so much FUN helping people like you learn and become confident with the finances and operations of your business.

It’s been an interesting adventure getting to this point.  A few highlights of my journey include:

  • First entrepreneurial venture was in the third grade selling homemade cookies door to door.
  • MBA from Babson College (often ranked nationally most prestigious entrepreneurship school)
  • Established the first field based marketing support organization for non federal Bids and Proposals at Wang Laboratories, with a win ratio over 50%
  • Developed the foreign exchange exposure process for GenRad Corporation, saving the company over $1 million
  • Established the Treasury Dept. in a fast growing biotech firm
  • Vice President with a consulting firm brought into client companies by the banks (the devil!) to analyze operations and generate cash, cash, cash as the businesses were prepared for sale.
  • Co-founded and ran The Fire Works pottery studio that was profitable in 18 months and debt free in five years. Developed and presented the business plan to secure funding.
  • Started what is now Eye On Your Business in 2009 and haven’t looked back.

Register by February 24th and save $800!

Julie Ladimer, Esq.
Ladimer Law Office PC

“Anne’s teachings exceeded my expectations ten fold!”

“Before I started working with Anne, I was struggling to get out of debt, and to grow my business. I knew where I wanted my business to be, but was unsure how to get there. I knew that I needed to make a change or my business would not survive. If my business didn’t survive, my family wouldn’t survive.

After our first session, I knew I had made a smart investment. Once I completed the intensive with Anne, my finances were no longer an issue. I  understand how to manage my cash flow, I am debt free, and my business is growing! I continue to work with Anne monthly so that I can continue to grow my business and make smart financial decisions.”

Get yourself to...

Profit Matters Bootcamp:
Keep More of What you Make


Register by February 24th and save $800!

My proven system focusses on 5 core areas that allow you to learn the critical parts of how to run your business effectively using the power of your financial numbers.

Here's what we're going to cover in our two content packed days together

Day 1:  The Numbers That Really Matter

As the owner and founder of your business, being confident and comfortable with the financials of your company is a must if your goals include propelling your company to the next level.  Running your company by the bank balance stops here and stops now.

On Day 1, we'll share:

  • Exactly what the three fundamental financial statements are really saying and why what's in them is gold
  • All the kinds of costs and expenses there are
  • What really are your costs
  • How to know exactly how much revenue you need to bring in before you actually start making PROFIT

Specifically steps 1 – 3 of my proven formula.

Step 1:  Take Stock of Where You Are

We start with a reality check.  Review your financials so you know and have confidence in understanding what the fundamental standard financial statements are, how much invaluable, actionable information they can provide you (I’m NOT kidding), and why you need to care about them.

Step 2.  What Really Are Your Costs?

If you don’t know what your stuff costs, how can you know if you’re making any money?  Learn what’s in the big picture and in the details.  Both matter.  But hey, stay calm….it’s not calculus concepts we’re introducing…addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Those cover the fundamentals and all you need.

Step 3.  Where Does Profit Start?

Where does that heavenly profit really start?  If you know in dollars and quantity what is needed to be making PROFIT ---- and why that number is what it is, then you have the power to make informed decisions about changes to dramatically increase your profits. 10X them if you want.

Jennifer Diepstraten
High Ticket Sales Success

"I think she could find money/profit under a rock!"

Elaine Williams
Captivate the Crowd

"Anne is brilliant at making things that seem complicated be simple!"

Day 2: Take the Reins and Be the CEO

With the fundamentals under your belt, the world becomes your oyster.   Time to implement and up level.

On Day 2 we'll guide you through:

  • Where to look for more profits and cash
  • How and where profits can hide and leak
  • Finding revenue opportunities hiding in plain sight
  • Damming up cash drains
  • Developing your review muscle

Step 4. Where to Look Inside Your Business for MORE Profit.

Learn to open your eyes to new opportunities for adding revenue and lowering expenses in all areas of your business. Get good at this and the world becomes your oyster (and if you don’t like oysters, just focus on the pearls inside). We examine every aspect of the business.

Step 5. What to Keep Your Eyes On and Why

Now that your skill set is strong, develop your diagnostic/checkup muscles to keep a close eye on things so you can continuously strengthen your business.


Register by February 24th and save $800!

The result after our two days?

You develop a super strong skill set around your ‘numbers’, you learn to think differently and look at things in your business differently and your confidence increases while your stress decreases.  You transform into the real CEO of your company!

Why you should attend

Profit Matters Bootcamp:  Keep More of What You Make is for action taking owners of established service based businesses who are ready to grow their businesses, increase their profit, and move from stressed to confident.

Whether you want build the numbers skill set you need to propel your profits upward to take your business to the always desirable 'next level'.

...Utilize the 'numbers' to help you make smart, effective, well informed decisions in your business to increase your confidence about your finances so you can make better quicker decisions to lead your company like a real CEO,

…or focus on finding the money leaks that are keeping your business from the fiscal health it deserves,

You will walk away from this event with a renewed sense of self, a protein boost to your confidence, a specific skillset around your numbers and a tailored way to keep yourself accountable.

March 26-27, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Register by February 24th and save $800!


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