Cash Flow and Profit Optimizer, Anne Dickinson Presents...

Where’s My Money?

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Your Monthly Cash Flow

Congratulations, you have now at least begun, and likely deepened your understanding of cash flow forecasting and more importantly, you have a substantial leg up on the vast majority of business owners: you know how to keep track of where and when your money will be coming in and going out.

Stop and take that in for a second. If you use this, you will reduce your stress level, which frees you up to take other action such as increase your revenue or reduce expenses. So. Use it. I recommend it.

Cash Forecasting Training:

Download PDF Worksheet
Download Excel Worksheet

Now.... if you should have some difficulty using it, that's okay. It's like learning a new language, it takes practice and, sometimes a conversation partner. This is where I come in. If you understand the importance of this tool, but you:

- are still fuzzy about how to use it

- know that you will have questions and don't want to get stuck

- want to start using it ASAP before you forget

- really need to implement it ASAP because you have massive stress about money and you know this will help...

Or, any other reason... I invite you to avail yourself of a 1-on-1 Cash Flow Forecast Training just for you... so you can really make this tool your own. To book your private training, for just $397 and book it into the calendar ASAP, click here. (PS if you choose to do more work together, this investment can be applied towards future training/consulting or, attendance at Profit Matters Bootcamp whenever it is being held live.)

Meet Your Cash Flow and Profit Optimizer, Anne Dickinson

Creator of the Stop the Profit L.E.A.K.S. Formula™, Anne Dickinson isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she works side-by-side with business leaders to identify and eliminate money leaks, ignite profits and improve cash flow and liquidity to create strong, healthy businesses.

She wants to reassure you that you’re not the only one who feels uncomfortable with all those numbers – and she’ll share what you can do right now to change that. Anne will help you find clarity and get over hurdles by making small adjustments that can have a massive impact on your cash flow and profitability.

Anne’s skills in finance, operations and management were developed during a long career in a variety of corporate roles including Contracts Management, Sales Operations and Treasury Management. She has an MBA from Babson College, has worked in the Defense and High-Tech industries, packaged and sold assets, dissected and improved operations, set up Treasury departments, and owned successful entrepreneurial ventures. Now small business owners and business leaders seek Anne out for her professional expertise to improve cash flow, profits and operations.

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